Our Vision and Our Pledge to You

Our vision is imagination combined with ability, supported by a corporate culture that delivers excellence and helps us respond to changing needs and markets. We are nurtured by continuous learning and improvement; this is the foundation of our business and our future.

We are nurtured by continuous learning and improvement; this is the foundation of our business and our future. We pledge exemplary workmanship and quality to our purchasers; our promise to provide exceptional homes and communities that offer the very best lifestyles and something you will take pride in.

Sierra Develops Best-in-class Residential and Commercial Opportunities

Sierra enjoys a reputation as one of the most respected builders in the GTA. We have been crafting distinctive and beautiful homes for 35 years. From site selection and servicing to design and build, every stage of the development process is carefully and competently executed by our talented team.

Leveraging over 35 years in the business, Sierra has the advantage of nimble and responsive development and asset management. Our team of experts is committed to pushing your housing project to the next level; with a commitment to excellence validated through our good standing with regulatory bodies like Tarion and reflected in the many awards we have received over the years for excellence in service.

We have remained one of the premier home builders in the GTA because we have consistently employed a rigid, and unwavering commitment to the ideal of meticulous craftsmanship. We have kept this ideal in the forefront of every project that we have undertaken, because we know that properties are more than just shelters is which people reside. They are homes, they are essential components of communities, but most importantly they are the settings in which families grow and experience life together.

Home Is Where the Heart Is, and at Sierra We Take That Commitment Seriously.

Sierra's Customer Care

Sierra provides exemplary customer care that makes the process of home buying stress-free and easy!We are with you every step of the way throughout your journey, making sure that you have all the information and customer support you need for this important step in your life.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care division anytime. Email:  customerservice@sierra.ca